A Day in the Life of a Requirement: The Importance of Verification

Terrell Smith, MPA, PMP, CBAP
Senior Trainer and Consultant for Corporate Education Group

Course ID: BAW1323 / Duration: 1 Hour / Credits: 1 PDU

About the Webinar

Verifying and validating requirements early on will help ensure your team develops a solid set of project requirements with minimal change as the project progresses. A good verification process not only weeds out the requirements you don’t need, but further identifies missing requirements you do need. Requirements verification is critical to maximizing successful outcomes and aids the business analyst in determining when a design is complete.

The webinar will explore the four fundamental methods for requirements verification: Inspection, Demonstration, Testing and Analysis. You will be taken on a journey through the life of a requirement and will learn:

- What requirements verification is and what are its benefits

- Why we need verified requirements

- How to plan for verification and execution

- Requirement verification attributes

- Verification methods and modeling


About the Presenter


Terrell Smith, MPA, PMP, CBAP, is a Senior Trainer and Consultant for Corporate Education Group. Terrell comes from both business and technical backgrounds, having worked in corporate and government environments. With over 25 years of experience in a wide range of project management and business analysis assignments, he brings concepts to life in a practical easy to apply manner. Terrell has assisted clients in the development of project management methodologies, risk assessments, quality management, agile methods, problem solving, rescuing troubled projects, implementing business analysis best practices, and team building. He has been facilitating classes/workshops for over 10 years in both the traditional and virtual classrooms.

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