About the Webinar

Don’t miss this webinar! In commemoration of the Stonewall riots in NYC in June of 1969, June is celebrated as Pride month all over the world. In this lively and engaging session, we’ll unpack some of the LGBTQ+ terminology, exploring biological sex, gender identity, and gender expression as three separate characteristics that exist on a spectrum. You’ll gain insight into historical and current issues facing the LGBTQ+ community, discovering ways that you can utilize ally skills to create a more inclusive work environment. Finally, you’ll learn why inclusive language is so important, the connection between identity and pronouns, and you’ll even get a chance to test your knowledge with a fun round of LGBTQ+ trivia.


About the Presenter


Christa Kirby is VP of Talent Development and Global Practice Director for Management and Leadership at Corporate Education Group (CEG). A licensed psychotherapist, Christa integrates her global experience as a mental health professional with her passion for holistically developing leaders and teams. For the last 25 years, she has been designing and delivering impactful learning experiences to companies, nonprofits, and non-governmental organizations all over the world.

Christa has also played a pivotal role in various national and global initiatives focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion, civil society building, and conflict resolution. Her work has taken her across North America, throughout Western and Northern Europe, as well as to countries including Afghanistan, Bosnia, Croatia, Romania, Estonia, Ethiopia, India, and Singapore.

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