7 Things You Can Learn From Children About Project Management

Bonnie Cooper, PMP
Trainer and Consultant for Corporate Education Group

Course ID: MDW1288 / Duration: 1 Hour / Credits: 1 PDU

About the Webinar

As surprising as it may seem, the art of raising children leverages many of the same skills as managing a project team. Fostering the growth of a child’s mind requires the creation of a positive atmosphere comprised of love, trust, and enablement. Similarly, in working with teams, we strive to create an atmosphere of open communication, collaboration, and trust.


This webinar will highlight and examine seven things we can learn from our kids and apply to project management, including:


  • Play group dynamics are a lot like team dynamics - no one should be left out and we should respect the will of the group.
  • To gain cooperation, timing is everything - never seek it on empty stomachs or after a long day and understanding what motivates others is the key to maintaining collaboration.
  • Learning moments need to be seized and capitalized on.
  • How to combat peer pressure - being unique doesn’t mean you don't fit in.
  • Working through conflict means learning to work it out -- bullying hurts everyone, especially the bullier.
  • Value everyone's talents and approach - not everyone learns the same or thinks the same.
  • Be consistent when applying support, rewards, corrections and routines - it will reduce anxiety and set a pace.

About the Presenter


Bonnie Cooper, PMP, trainer and consultant for Corporate Education Group, has more than 20 years of experience driving IT solutions and is currently the program portfolio director of the Massachusetts Medical Society's Corporate IT Project Management Office (PMO). In her current role, Bonnie is responsible for coordinating the efforts of project teams, defining a consistent software development methodology, and leading the re-engineering of the member website and services platform.

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