Getting it Right: Best Practices for Requirements Management

Dr. Martin Schedlbauer, Ph.D., CBAP, OCUP
Senior Trainer and Consultant for Corporate Education Group

Course ID: BAW1305-16 / Duration: 1 Hour / Credits: 1 PDU

About the Webinar

Requirements are at the core of any project, and therefore, must be carefully managed. In this webinar, you will learn the essential requirements management practices, including the requirements lifecycle from inception to implementation, requirements management planning, and requirements management tools. In addition, you will learn how to write SMART requirements statements that are useful and actionable. Finally, we will contrast and compare the traditional requirements management approach with agile requirements management.


Learning objectives include:

- Understand the requirements management process
- Learn how to write good requirements
- Appreciate the value of a requirements management plan
- Contrast plan-driven and change-driven requirements management approaches

About the Presenter


Dr. Martin Schedlbauer, Ph.D., CBAP, OCUP, is a Senior Trainer and Consultant for Corporate Education Group. Martin has been leading and authoring seminars and workshops in business analysis, software engineering, and project management for over twenty years. An accomplished business analysis subject matter expert, Martin is a recognized leader in software development practices, a practicing scrum master, experienced software architect, and also serves as an advisor for several industry conferences; additionally, Martin maintains an active research agenda in agile methods, requirements analysis, and human performance modeling.

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