Effective Communication Techniques to Steer and Influence Any Conversation

Crystell Anthony, M.Ed., MBTI®
Senior Trainer and Consultant for Corporate Education Group

Course ID: MDW1285-15 / Duration: 1 Hour / Credits: 1 PDU

About the Webinar

Both individual and team success depend upon clear and effective interpersonal communication. Whether face to face or virtual, every interaction with another person influences how you are perceived and provides an opportunity to develop trust and build a positive relationship. Whether presenting one-on-one or in front of an audience of 1,000, conveying information to a project team or delivering a difficult message, communicating effectively is one of the most powerful skills for achieving your objectives.

This webinar will teach you how to focus on your outcome, tune in to your audience, and develop your messages for clarity and impact. Your ability to create an environment for open discussion and ongoing dialogue is crucial for communication success. The communications skills covered can increase your ability to exercise choice and control for every type of conversation, influence without authority, and improve the quality of relationships and productivity.

Learning objectives include:

  • - A blueprint for designing any important communication
    - Six principles to guide your interactions
    - Emotional intelligence to manage challenging conversations
    - Alignment of the four key components of communication to achieve your outcome

About the Presenter


Crystell Anthony, M.Ed., MBTI®, is a senior trainer and consultant for Corporate Education Group. She is also principal and founder of her own consulting company, The Focus Group. Crystell has successfully designed and facilitated training programs in the public and corporate sectors for executive, managerial, and administrative professionals since 1979. Her training programs are known for containing simplified best practices for easy on-the-job applications and have been successfully installed in organizations across the globe.

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