From Data to Decision – A Guide to Data Analytics

Anne Foley, LSSMBB, PMP
Senior Trainer and Consultant for Corporate Education Group

Date Presented: March 15th, 2017

About the Webinar

As technology continues to saturate our world; data collection and analysis is a highly sought after skillset. “Show me the data,” is almost as popular of a request as “show me the money.”  In many cases, the two are connected. Solving problems, improving processes, increasing sales and satisfying customers are just a few of the side effects of accurate data collection and analysis; and it’s not just for number crunchers. Everyone can navigate the data collection and analysis culture with a few simple tips and techniques from this webinar. Making good decisions and solving problems the first time should not rely on “luck.”  We’ll show you a better way.


Learning objectives include:

- Four essential questions to answer with data

- Apples to apples data collection

- Three basic ways to narrow the focus

- Dos and Do Nots of presenting the findings

About the Presenter

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Anne F. Foley, LSSMBB, PMP, is an author, speaker and training consultant with Corporate Education Group (CEG). Anne has spent 25 years of her career using data to identify root causes of defects and non-value-added activities in processes. She incorporates data collection and analysis to decisions ranging from routine to complex. An energetic and interactive trainer, Anne has been leading virtual and traditional training classes, workshops, and conferences for 18 years.

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