Going Lean: Applying Lean Approaches in Project Management

Anne F. Foley, LSSMB, PMP
Trainer and Consultant for Corporate Education Group

Course ID: MDW1424 / Duration: 1 Hour / Credits: 1 PDU

About the Webinar

Many companies around the globe are embracing the mindset of Lean systems, which emphasize the prevention of waste. Waste is defined as extra time, labor, or materials spent producing a product or service that doesn’t add value to it. Program and project managers unanimously agree that there is ample opportunity to reduce if not eliminate project work, but they are unsure where to start when each outcome is unique and customer relationships are more important than standardized processes. This webinar will show how Lean intersects with agile and where to start to embrace the concepts and benefits of continuous improvement in project work.

Learning objectives:
• Determine how Lean can be applied in a service environment.
• Adopt best practices of Lean in project management.
• Determine how Lean and agile approaches intersect to deliver continuous improvement.
• Become familiar with key definitions and concepts of process improvement.

About the Presenter

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Anne F. Foley, LSSMBB, PMP, is an author, speaker and training consultant with Corporate Education Group (CEG). Anne has spent 25 years of her career using data to identify root causes of defects and non-value-added activities in processes. She incorporates data collection and analysis to decisions ranging from routine to complex. An energetic and interactive trainer, Anne has been leading virtual and traditional training classes, workshops, and conferences for 18 years.

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