Designing and Facilitating
Effective Hybrid Meetings


Phillip D. Edge

Trainer and Consultant with Corporate Education Group


About the Webinar

Keeping remote participants actively engaged in virtual meetings requires intentional design and skillful facilitation. In this dynamic webinar, you will gain practical insights and strategies for creating and leading engaging virtual meetings that are relevant, productive, and interactive. Explore key factors for designing virtual meetings, including setting clear expectations, preparation, continuous interaction, and impactful questioning. Learn how to effectively manage dynamics, handle difficult behaviors, and keep conversations focused. Discover best practices for virtual meeting facilitation and gain tips for designing engaging virtual meetings. This webinar will empower you to create impactful virtual meetings that maximize participant engagement and outcomes.

Topics covered include:

  • Understand the factors involved in designing engaging virtual meetings
  • Develop strategies to manage dynamics and challenging behaviors in virtual meetings
  • Learn best practices for virtual meeting facilitation and interactive techniques
  • Guidelines for designing virtual meetings with engagement in mind
  • Strategies for managing difficult dynamics and keeping conversations focused
  • Best practices for virtual meeting facilitation and interactive techniques

About the Presenter

Phillip Edge

Phillip D. Edge, trainer and consultant with Corporate Education Group, is an engaging speaker, leadership development facilitator, master communicator, and 21st-century thought leader. For over two decades, Phillip has worked in personal and professional development serving as a facilitator, trainer, mentor, and keynote speaker. Phillip has worked with organizations in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors including Fortune 100, Fortune 500, healthcare, government, and education.

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