Managing Stress and
Navigating Self-Care

Corporate Education Group

Trish Hart
Stress Reduction, Health and Wellness Coach, Mind-body Expert,
and Mindfulness Instructor with Corporate Education Group

About the Webinar

Our lives get disrupted; health, careers, finances, relationships, and routines are just a few things that have been impacted over the past few years. This ongoing stress and trauma can impact our physical and mental health, and putting ourselves as a priority is difficult, however taking steps to manage stress and prioritizing self-care has never been so important. Enjoy this interactive workshop that shares research findings and the neuroscience of the stress response and its antidote, the relaxation response. In addition, you will also discover the multilayers of self-care to create and build a plan of what your personalized self-care plan will look like, plus experience valuable simple mind-body practices to implement when times of stress are high. The end result is a balanced, strong, and resilient mind and body.

About the Presenter


Trish Hart is a stress reduction focused health and wellness coach, mind-body expert, and mindfulness instructor with Corporate Education Group. Trish is experienced and dedicated to helping individuals from various industries effectively reduce stress and enhance their overall health and well-being. Her background in healthcare includes both administrative and patient care roles at renowned Boston teaching hospitals as well as consulting experience with Deloitte. Trish has received training from Duke Integrative Medicine in Mindfulness for Professionals and the Benson Henry Institute, where she is a certified facilitator of SMART (Stress Management and Resiliency Training). She is also an Integrative Health and Wellness Coach candidate at Duke Integrative Medicine. Her primary interest lies in exploring the scientifically supported effects of mind-body techniques on the brain, central nervous system, and immune system.

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