Using Compassion to
Help the Neurodivergent
Flourish and Excel


Bob Faw

Trainer and Consultant for Corporate Education Group

About the Webinar

In this insightful webinar, we delve into a few examples of neurodivergence and help normalize them. We will explore cognitive biases and how they influence social biases and the resulting challenges they create in our personal and professional lives. With the perfect blend of brainy insights simplified, practical tools, and a touch of warm, compassionate fun, you'll learn how to rebalance biases effectively. Explore the neuroscience behind compassion, a superpower for teams, enabling authentic conversations, trust, respect, and meaningful change.

Topics include:

  • Cognitive Biases Unveiled: Explore the Negativity and In-group/Out-group.
  • Compassion as a Superpower: Understand how compassion can transform conversations and create psychological safety.
  • Practical Tools and Plans: Gain skills and strategies to empower those with neurodivergence.


About the Presenter


Bob Faw, trainer and consultant for Corporate Education Group, has more than 30 years of professional change experience. He guides the growth and development of organizations and individuals with results-driven facilitation. His programs increase team synergy and interpersonal skills and enhance connections and mutual trust. Bob is an author, keynote speaker, and business school professor. His book Energize: Ignite Passion & Performance with User Friendly Brain Tools is an Amazon e-book bestseller.

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